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ARGOMENTO: spinergy wheels

spinergy wheels 6 Anni 8 Mesi fa #240

a friend of mine has a rear wheel of that type (spinergy rev_X)
Is it allowed during the races (asking because in some races in france it's been banned)?
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Re:spinergy wheels 6 Anni 8 Mesi fa #241

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Hello Marc
About the wheel   mmmmm...
effectively this kind of wheel seems like a bit dangerous due to structural failure but  I'm scared also
cause this kind of wheels (also trispoke in 26" and bigger size...) can be very dangerous for the arm
of the athletes that, with the lowracers used in circuit, are exactly at the same high.
We have to discuss a bit inside the race committee, but we can also discuss  inside the WHPVA so
we can found a equal resolution.
some info about the spinergy failure
...If your like your friend probably you discourage him to use his wheel!     
In my mind in Monza circuit will be problem only in the mass start event, and to solve that its easy to transform the wheel in disk-wheel (also faster) with self-adhesive plastic (Rev X with flat spokes seems made exactly for that), but this is influential to the structural resistance of the wheel that seems like problematic...

I let You know more asap (as soon as I can report to our president, that in this moment is probably at lunch with David Gordon Wilson  

PS:  just to remember to the riders that are not already registered, the T shirt for the athletes are something exclusive and personalized with the athletes names, so: last minutes registrations = No T shirt!

Giovanni Eupani
nel dubbio... Pedala! eretic
when in doubt... Spin!
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