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ARGOMENTO: Condivisione Umana!

Condivisione Umana! 6 Anni 5 Mesi fa #366

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Hello everybody,

I'm here just to thank everyone of you that join us in Monza, and also to ask you if you like that we continue to organize an event there* ( if the track direction still wants us  
), no one of our associated live nearby (there are more foreign riders living closer to the track than Italian themselves) but, we like this track cause is nice and fast and full of services, super medical center with lots of ambulances (safety first!), and all that track is inside a beautiful park full of trees and more during the "Festival dello Sport" in addition to the standard shower and toilets of the services buildings there are also several other prefabricated services all around the paddock 
Seems like that someone of the participant at the Monza World Championship really find that our organization was bad, which is certainly true, but, feeling that all of you like things to improve day by day, I PLEASE everybody that have found something to improve, from the smallest thing to the biggest (such as that the Brazilian dancers that were 30 meters too far from the pit lane...** 
) to post on our forum.
This can be the place where we can try, all together, to make improvements not only to our young organization (too easy, like to shoot on a brooding duck  
but also to the world human powered association (which is in the end the "summa" of all our national organization), and so, just to make an example, to understand if you feel like that in this kind of international event, the logistic part will be take on charge by the local organization, but the race direction and the timing and related, will take in charge directly by a WHPVA commission.   
I will like to open a bit the discussion to try to encourage improvements, I see that some discussion already started in late evening of Monza weekend and I don't want to stop it.
For that we like, and we are honoured to put at your disposal our Forum, where we can speak as friends and try to grow the discussion.
I see also that the WHPVA site and forum is not a place where we like to meet, I do not know exactly why but I can hypothesise that since it is everybody's house but nobody's home!
So other suggestion...          The whpva site could be hosted from the association who also take in charge the World Championship for the same year...  no more need of a special site like our, and always fresh ideas; year after year 3/4 month after the WC the association who hosted give the site key (password  8-) ) to the association who will host the following year. A site super administrator will be anyway in charge from WHPVA, in strong collaboration with an administrator from the hosting state making all the modification for the new event....
I will also encourage the future "race commission" to add the "snail race", with double the points of every other race, to the future edition of the World Championship!

* I was thinking on my own that a 6 hour with the possibility to make chrono on the fastest lap, and on a 200m trap can give us the possibility to make 3 races in one and live us the time to make a nice promenade critic mass style in Milano town center! Any suggestion?

**I try to get the Brazilian dancers to the podium for the prize giving, but I was also occupied in catching the people who forget to give back the TRANSPONDER, so the dancers, pissed off to wait for me so long, decided  to get into the lions Ferrari's and go for a ride on the down-town traffic... 
"too fat cause too much (organizational) training" 
human powered device              
Giovanni Eupani
Giovanni Eupani
nel dubbio... Pedala! eretic
when in doubt... Spin!
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Re:Condivisione Umana! 6 Anni 5 Mesi fa #371

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Hi Guys!
FANTASTIC, I haven't another term to describe Monza WHPVA 2011! Due to a personal problem I was in Monza only at Sunday, also with a diseas (micro-fracture in a right feet finger), so not in a perfect condition and the result in 1h race is a demonstration (32kmh)! 

BUT, sorry if I repeat, it was a very incredible occasion to meet more than some recumbent owners and passionate lovers! I have helped in the morning at the test-area, hundrend of people came there to test our bents and the fantastic DeLorenzi's trike!
Also my daughter Elisa was on the route as steward with yellow flag and ham sandwiches! Many thanks and smiles to the nice ladies at the food area!

Wonderful organization, I hope, if there will be another occasion like this one, to have more time to help. Thanks to Paolo and the team!
only one remark on the race results, I hadn't found it.
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Re:Condivisione Umana! 6 Anni 5 Mesi fa #372

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Giovanni, i write this in response to yours and Paolo's post. This was my first race outside the UK, in fact this is only my third season of racing, i was a late starter aged 45! So i have nothing internationally to compare it to, saying that, in organising the event, dealing with layers of "red tape" and successfully completing the three the days I take my hat off to all of you and say a huge thank you for letting me have a fantastic weekend, racing, socialising, meeting people i only know through facebook! and all of us having a common tie - riding recumbents! After reading the post by Paolo i certainly had no idea of the problems you faced in the the day to day running, yes there were delays, but I was in Italy so I expected them, just as I would in the UK. I have only one criticism, and that is over a lack of communication as to why there were delays, maybe in future (if you are brave enough to this kind of thing) a notice board with simple instructions, timings and comments would help. On a purely personal note, i found the weekend to be very special because it was Monza, not many ordinary people in the UK can say that they have raced there, no matter what the vehicle! However, due to the time taken to get there and back, and the costs I don't think I will travelling as far next time! So Giovanni, one last time I thank you and ALL the other organisers, helpers and of course competitors for an unforgettable experience, and for me finishing 10th was totally unexpected, oh and i still haven't managed to straighten the cranks on Wobbly Bob after bending them badly at the start of the 50m drag. Oh and I too need to be fitter and lose about 10kg of fat Kind regards Ian PS I don't know if you used google translate but I think " to shoot on a brooding duck " should read "shooting a sitting duck"
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