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ARGOMENTO: Long run race

Long run race 6 Anni 9 Mesi fa #123

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Hello,    today Hans Wessel told me his idea for the long run race I  Just Ctrl+V here so we can start speaking.
I would go for three hours + one lap. This way everybody knows what to expect. Suppose you do a 100 km and a realy fast streamliner shows up completing the distance in 1:30 then a good longdistance race is spoiled. By saying 3 hours everbody will prepare for a 3 hour race and do a three hour race.
In my mind a distance race is more "romantic", but certainly Hans is not wrong and also is important to have almost the same effort for all the raider, faired and unfaired and for that everybody must be stopped after the first pass the line.
Thinking that with my lineer last year in a short test I hold the average speed of 49km/h (66.7km/h top speed), but slowing down till 30km/h at the first chicane that is totally new and faster this year, I think that the average of the faster athletes can be close to 60km/h.  
With this input  I think that we can make a 100 miles race...     (one lap is 5.793km, 1 mile is 1.609344km)
1.609344 x 100 = 160.9344km
160.9344 : 5.793 = 27.7808 laps      ====>  28 laps
28 laps at 60km/h =2.7 h  (2h42min)
if you think that is too short we can do 30 laps...   at 60km/h is 2.89h - 2h53min (we can still call 100 miles...)
our Problem is not to hold the circuit for a lot more than 3.5 h

PS: recently I cannot connect with  are we changing provider or there is some maintenance... ?
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