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  Propulsione Umana is very glad to organize the 2016’s HPV-italian championship in Monza.  This is the second edition of the national competition after the first one, held in Monza in 2014 and after the 2011 edition of the HPV World Championship. The race will be will be disputed on the distance of 1 or 2 hours on the Formula 1 track.


The race

The entrance to the Monza F1 track is set for 16:00. After the formation lap, at moderate speed, racers will line up behind the starting line and the race will officially start.

The checkered flag will be shown at 17:45. The winner will be the competitor who will complete the most laps.


On Sunday, 12 will be possible for everyone to ride on the track at the same time of the race, from 16:00 to 18:00. 

The participant that will ride these "free lap" may not present any certificate or any entry fee but will not be classified and must ride in safety conditions, riding slowly not to disturb the concurrents of the race.




Any person entering the competition will have to produce a medical certificate physical ability to cycle in competition, dated less than one year at the start of the competition.

Any person less than 18 years old at the date of competition will have to provide a parental authorization in order to take part to the competition.


Registration/entry fee

- Entry fee from May, 10 to June, 1 is 25 Euro (registration form May 10 to June 12).  

- After June,1 entry fee is 30 Euro

It will be possible to register directly at the track, the day of the race.


Please indicate all the competitor details directly in the paypal infos:  

- Name/age/e-mail 

- Vehicle description / Strava app equipment "yes" or "no" (strongly recommended, see “time keeping” paragraph) 

(Strava is a free app for smartphone with gps that is commonly used by cyclists all over the world to compare performances online. It is free to download, no need to pay anything: )


Entry Date
Vehicle description/app Strava YES or NO

You can also use our e-mail: Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo. 




We will wait for you at the Parabolica parking space from saturday, June, 11 form 10:00 to Sunday till 16:30. Join us at the registration desk. We have also a paddock Formula 1 box space, box number to be defined.


Checking bikes will be made immediately after registration. Once your vehicle has been verified, you will get the race number, together with two number plates.



Camping inside Monza Track will be available on site from Saturday.


Picnic, sightseeing and entertainment

From Saturday the Parabolica parking site and a paddock box wil be available for the competitors. Cars and vans can be parked in the Monza parking very near the paddock and the track. On Saturday Propulsione Umana will organize a bike tour of the famous Parco Villa Reale, for all kind of bikes and bikers. In the park it will be possible to rest and have picnic lunch. On saturday and on Sunday there will be many occasions to experience sports thanks to the “Festa dello Sport”, that will be held in the same days and places.



- 2H race : Mass start at 16:00 on Sunday. No recognition lap on the track will be allowed.

The starting line is at the F1 starting line at the Monza Track. Please be there well in advance (at the very least 10minutes beforehand).

Startup grid will depend on race number; those with vehicles needing help to start will start at the back.

- 1H race : start at 17:00 on Sunday.

The starting line is the F1 box lane, form the inside of the track, in front of the Paddock.

1H racers will join the 2H racers but will have in a separate classification.

For both the 1H race and the 2H race, the checkered flag will be exposed at 18:00. The final classification for every competitor will be considered when will pass the finish line the first time (last lap) after the exposition of the checkered flag.

The race track is the Formula 1 track without the “Prima Variante” corner. It means that the competitors will pass through the straight escape line of the first corner.



The vehicle should have sufficient braking power and stability. Vehicles with sharp, protruding bits or open tube ends will be deemed unsafe. The rider should wear a hard-shell helmet. This is also the case for fully enclosed vehicles. This helmet has to be certified by a national or international organism (CE, TÜV…). At least one rear mirror is mandatory for recumbent vehicles.

Chainguard is compulsory except when the chainring is inside a fairing or protected by the frame. Some emergency vehicles (probably electric bikes) might be allowed to move in the same direction as the riders. It is thus very important that you ride safely (cycle only on the right lane, allow others to overtake, etc when these vehicles are on the track). The organizers will make sure that marshals are posted to improve safety, but ultimately the responsibility is yours!


Competitor classes

These classes will exist only for a minimum of 5 entries

Woman Junior younger than 18

Woman Senior 18 to 49 years old

Woman Veteran 50 or more

Man Junior younger than 18

Man Senior 18 to 49 years old

Man Veteran 50 or more


Vehicle classes

No restriction applies to the type of human powered vehicle used during the races. The only requisite is that only human power is used and that competitors must be riding safely for themselves and others.

Three main classes

UF - Unfaired: vehicle without any fairing, front or rear.

SF - Semi-faired: vehicle with either front or rear fairing.

FF - Fully faired: vehicle with both front and rear fairing.

Several sub-classes that will apply for a minimum of 5 entries:

2UF - 2 wheels unfaired.

2SF - 2 wheels semi-faired.

2FF - 2 wheels fully faired.

MP - Multi-person vehicle (2 or more).

TR - Trike: 3 wheels vehicle excluding velomobiles.

VM - Velomobile: including fully or partly faired trikes.

RB - Rowing bike.

HB - Handbike: hand powered vehicle for disabled.

PB - Prone bike.

UB - Upright bike such as UCI, triathlon, folding.


Time Keeping

- unofficial time keeping : Strava App will be used. It is strongly recommended that every racer could use the “Strava” smartphone app, so he/she must carry a gps smarthphone. This will give the opportunity to have a real time classification immediately after the race, with all laps classification, all best segments and laps, best speed and final classification. Strava is a free app for smartphone that is commonly used by cyclists of all over the world to compare performances. It is free to download, no need to pay anything: 

- official time keeping : an official time keeping will be used, especially for those who can not use Strava app. Depending on the number of racers it will be a manual time keeping (using video a video recording system) or transponder time keeping. In that case competitors will be responsible for its proper installation on their vehicle and for any damage or loss.

All participants will receive 2 race numbers. It will have to be fitted on the right side of the vehicle so it as to be clearly visible.

The official timetable for the competitions will be available on the internet Propulsione Umana web site in due time. Please refer to this timetable in particular official final classification.



Immediately after the race, at the paddock



Please be courteous, respect other road users and the environment. Make sure your cycle is in perfect working condition. Wearing a helmet is strongly recommended inside and outside the track. Organisers shall not be liable in case of accident or mechanical problems.



For any complaint concerning ranking, points or race conditions, get in touch with the organization committee.

 Useful numbers and addresses

e-mail: Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.

Facebook page: Propulsione Umana


Every competitor is expected to have read and accepted the present rules.


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